Raya Heels Made to measure.

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Raya made to measure heels are still open til Mid of puasa. enquiry mail me to feldofie@gmail.com



Bobot convocation dress

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One of our bestest bff bobot modern kurung.2piece dress.Playing with beads and stones for the detailing.

Wedding Suhana @ Kuantan Pahang

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Just browsing my Wedding pic folder and came across this Gorgeously done couture wedding dress by Jeffriey Ibrahim.Lets take a closer look…


Love the detailings and the veil…


Anione intrested of making wedding dress and Pelamin can drop me an email aites. Feldofie@gmail.com

Breed: Bengal

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Its the bengal.anione got any contacts of where to get this cat.Its not illegal btw to make them as a pet at home.I love this type of cat so much.looks fierce as a cheetah but actually its a lovely one.Isnt the fur intresting?

Qeenah Wedding Brunei Darulsalam

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Alright this time round i’ll show u some of the pic of us meeting our client there in the land rich of oil,Brunei Darulsalam.It was a quick 2 day 1 night visit.Altho it is a short trip,we got some good place to stay.We check in at the EMPIRE COUNTRY CLUB. Now,wil show u some of the best shots! in courtesy of Qeenah.


Akad nikah.



6174_128296177600_94557237600_2761893_214866_nWedding Dress.




6174_128297782600_94557237600_2761916_1002642_nMaterials: Songket,French beaded border lace,French lace,satin silk

Bride’s Wedding Couture by Jeffriey Ibrahim

Will update u guys behind the scene during our stay there! see ya!

*p/s : to custome made feel free to email me at feldofie@gmail.com

De wajah Finalist

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De'wajah 042Never got a time to update my blog..

Here’s the story…last few mths back,i went to follow my boss in kl for some de wajah Beauty pageant..

Jeffriey Ibrahim sponsored cream off white french silk chiffon and french beaded chiffon with sparkling diamond swarovski stones for her.

Isnt she pretty? da mcm dato’ siti kan…it was gorgeously done.

ure so sweet kak Aty 😉

*p/s : Available for sale/renting

A Burfdae Gift! ;)

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Suprise me..shock me..and most importantly it is something that i would not forget the happiest moment on that week…..


Yes!..White box decorated with black & black dotted white ribbons.It was really nice and beautifuly done.

Now what’s inside?

Guess watch


The watch was really nice n cool which you can see those gears in it.This is something that i will treasure  forever…I am so happy with it..something that i will only wear for special outing eg:dating,special event hehee…


Extremely…extremely….extremely happy with the new watch.

When i was a kid,i always wanting to have one of those watches which you can see those gears working in it.And now it was a gift from someone.

One of the best bdae gift i ever had.

Thank you J.

Million thanxs for making my bdae a remarkable one. 🙂

*oh GoD!his burfdae is coming soon.I’m dead..haha! 😛